The augmented security Home Keeper A new experience from installation to maintenance
Discover the new Home Keeper professional alarm system and its dedicated smartphone app. An ultra-reliable, tailor-made system to meet your clients' security requirements.
Home Keeper A customizable high security alarm
Home Keeper is an adaptable alarm system that keeps up with your clients' requirements, whatever their type of home and their lifestyle. Depending on their budget, several packs are available with optional accessories: sirens and indoor or outdoor cameras, indoor or outdoor movement detectors, opening detector, domestic incident detectors (fire or flooding), badges, keypads and remote controls. Your clients can activate and deactivate the alarm system remotely using the Somfy Protect app.
Get expert help, from configuring your alarm to maintaining your devices Home Keeper professional app
Simplified and à la carte installation
Finally, an intuitive and interactive app that brings you step-by-step through the installation process. Simple configuration or advanced parameters? You have the choice!
Zero risk of error
With advanced functions like the integrated radiometer, you install the sensors to obtain the ideal range. Use the "Check" function at the end of the installation to make sure everything works perfectly!
Optimized device management
Remote access to all client alarm systems already installed. Manage all your devices without leaving the office and check the status of installations and their accessories.
Do you want to tell your clients about Home Keeper?
Download the interactive PDF with all the Home Keeper communication tools (brochures, logos, videos, etc.) to give them a demonstration in your showroom or on your website.
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Our experts testify Experts statements
Mrs. Gerard called me to say her alarm was no longer working. She was very worried as she was getting ready to leave for the weekend. In just one click, I diagnosed the problem: a sensor needed to be changed. I saved one trip and gained my client’s trust!
Stéphane, installer
For my renovation projects, the thickness of the walls blocks the radio waves from passing through. The integrated radio repeater gives me the assurance that the system will always be operational.
Marc, Expert Somfy installer
Discover the different accessories that are compatible with the Home Keeper alarm system Go further
Indoor surveillance camera
Indoor Camera is a connected surveillance camera that can be controlled remotely via the Somfy Protect app. It has a motorized shutter that closes to respect privacy.
indoor surveillance camera - Somfy Security Camera
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3-in-1 GSM unit
The 3-in-1 GSM unit contains everything a high secure system needs in a compact unit. Connected to the Somfy Pro Cloud, it lets you manage and maintain your devices remotely via the professional mobile app.
Central unit alarm system GSM
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Outdoor siren with LED flash
Thanks to its powerful 112 dB siren, it alerts the surrounding area in the event of a home intrusion. It features a radio amplifier to increase the system's performances, even in homes with complex configurations (large garden, outbuilding).
Outdoor siren with LED flash
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Outdoor surveillance camera - Somfy Outdoor Camera
Somfy Outdoor Camera is an outdoor surveillance camera with an integrated siren. In the event of intrusion, an alarm sounds to dissuade potential burglars.
Outdoor surveillance Camera - Somfy Outdoor Camera
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ON/OFF remote control
With its ergonomic design, this remote control is the simplest way to activate and deactivate your alarm system. Getting started with it couldn't be easier, meaning that you're less likely to make any mistakes.
ON/OFF remote control
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LCD keypad with badge reader
The LCD keypad features a built-in badge reader and keyboard for more flexible use. It also enables various motorised Somfy equipment to be controlled directly and proposes 3 types of program: ON / OFF / Night.
LCD keypad with badge reader
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Can't find what you're looking for? Discover the other Home Keeper alarm pack accessories
Cameras, remote controls, movement detectors, opening detectors and much more
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